February 1, 2010

Photoshop - 15 very important and useful tricks

Following are 15 very important and useful tricks :

Adobe Photoshop

1. Press D to get default foreground and background colours. ( Black/white ).

2. Press X to toggle between foreground and background colour palette.

3. To fill object with foreground colour use alt + backspace.

4. To fill object with background colour use ctrl + backspace.

5. To change blending mode quickly use alt + shift + alphabet
(e.g) like V for vivid and S for screen etc.

6. To toggle between various blending modes use shift + ( Plus sign ).

7. To increase brush size use ( [ ) OR ( ] ) a 10px jump.

8. To add to selection use shift key and the subtract from selection use alt key.

9. Use TAB key to hide and unhide palettes.

10.To hide / unhide all palettes except tools use shift + TAB.

11.Use ctrl and + to zoom in / ctrl and - to zoom out.

12.Press F to shuffle between various screen modes.

13.Press Q to shuffle between standard and quick mask mode.

14.Double clicking on ruler will bring up the preference dialogue box.

15. Use ctrl + T to transform the shape.